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Maldives | The Sunny Side of the World

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary ‘sunny side’ refers to the side of something that receives most sunlight from the sun. Maldives is  on  the equator and everywhere on the equator gets more than  12 hours of sun…
Culture tourism in Maidives

Maldives: Cultural Tourism: the Human Side of Life

Maldives is the premier tourist destination in the world, a fact that is arguable. This is true for honeymooners and those who are looking for relaxation. However, Idyllic Maldives will convincingly argue that, Maldives is the number one wonder…
Relaxation the art of doing nothing

Maldives: the Gateway to Relaxation

Tourism Man and nature. The two components of tourism. Tourism generally refers to people’s traveling and staying at places other than their homes. He is actually going after nature wherever he travels, he spends most of the time with nature.…
Maldives towards a billion

Towards One Billion

What about a billion visitors? Tourism began in the Maldives in 1972 with the opening of the first resort Kurumba Village, and  total of about 1000 visitors arrived in the country for the whole year. After that. it took 30 years to welcome…
Velaa PI

Marvelous Maldives: Is Velaa Private Island the “Taj Mahal” of the Indian Ocean?

India’s Taj Mahal cannot be compared to any other structure on the surface of the earth. It took over 20 years and 32 million Rupees (about 900 million dollars today) to complete while Velaa Private Island was built within two years for less…
visit Maldives

Marvelous Maldives Visit Year 2016: How about boosting the brand?

Just a few days ago Maldives  welcomed the 500,000th visitor to arrive in the Maldives for the year 2016 awarding the lucky French family a free holiday at Banyan Tree  Vabbinfaru. With six  months  already gone, it may  be a difficult…
Definition of Maldives in Tourism

Maldives Tourism: definition of “maldive” for the Dictionary

Maldives is already a brand name in tourism and has its own unique characteristics representing a different concept that needs a definition  for the Dictionary. The industry  has been developed by Maldivians. When it started in 1972,…
Tourism in the Sunny Maldives

Maldives Tourism: Sunny Side of Life Defined

The Sunny Side of Life has been used for promoting of Maldives Tourism for a number of years, though for a short period the slogan was replaced by “always natural”. Needless to talk about it, it’s always good to have everything defined.…


Maldives aoirpot

Maldives to open 50 new resorts, Airport to 7 million Passengers in 3 years

Fifty new resorts will be opened in the Maldives in the next three years while airport’s capacity will increase to serve  7,000,000 passengers annually  before the end of the current term of office of President Abdulla Yamin Abdul Gayyoom,…