aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Maldives aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives that will take you back to the beginning of one-island one-resort concept when the Italians discovered virgin islands in the middle of the ocean. Its an island rich green, with a big beach…

Maldives in 5S: Sun Sky Sea Sand Smile

Sun is source of energy. Sky refers to the atmosphere,  gaseous state of matter. Sand is the solid state of matter where as Sea represents liquid. That’s all what is nature: matter and energy. The Maldives has got the best of all of this.…
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Marvelous Maldives Visit Year 2016: How about boosting the brand?

Just a few days ago Maldives  welcomed the 500,000th visitor to arrive in the Maldives for the year 2016 awarding the lucky French family a free holiday at Banyan Tree  Vabbinfaru. With six  months  already gone, it may  be a difficult…
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Marvelous Maldives where the Sunshine, Sky, Sea, and Sand make you Smile: Five Things that makes Maldives the Wonder of Modern World

There are the Seven (ancient) Wonders of the World and there are the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but there is only one Wonder of the Earth, the Marvelous Maldives, the only place where the mighty Sun has its magic on the nature. OF…
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Yours is Maldives

Yours is the Maldives Welcome to the Sunny Side of life, sunshine in abundance, Where you enjoy stress-free life happy and healthy heart, Experience a heaven that is safe, with peace and serenity, Enjoy the company of your wife, with her…