From the islands of paradise

Maldives | The Islands of Paradise

Islands there, Islands here, islands everywhere, islands on the South, Islands on the north; islands on the east islands on the west. There are more than a thousand islands. About 200 with people less than 150 as resorts where only the staff…

Maldives| Visit Hulhumale, enjoy the Nature for free.

Hulhumale is planned for the future. The ambitious plan of 2 phase project that began in 1997 the first phase was completed in 2002. With the experience of the  congested Male sometimes described as  a Concrete Jungle, Hulhumale offers a stress…
Maldivian Tourism Kurumba


Most people talk about sun, sea, and sand, the three S tourism.  But there are two more equally important factors that make Maldivian tourism flourish. Hence there are 5 pillars of Maldivian tourism. Of the 5S, the fourth S is the Sky and the…
Beach club Hulhumale

Maldives: Alina & Ali’s Beach Club Hulhumale

A Sino-Maldive Story Alina is from China while Ali is a Maldivian who is a veteran water sports specialist. Together they have overcome hardships and difficult times to the safety of the beach. It was a group of about 30 tourists from China…
aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Maldives aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives that will take you back to the beginning of one-island one-resort concept when the Italians discovered virgin islands in the middle of the ocean. Its an island rich green, with a big beach…
vabbinfaru idyllic maldives

Marvelous Maldives: the Romantic Side of Life: First Experience at Vabbinfaru

Why choose Maldives Vabbinfaru “Paradise on earth”, “absolutely heavenly”, ”fabulous place for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon tropical island”, “amazing honeymoon”, ‘Perfect venue for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon”,…
One island one resort

Marvelous Maldives One Island One Resort - A Unique Maldivian Concept

This is a concept even today many don’t seem to be aware. In the Maldives when we say a resort it means an island where  there is only one resort. That is one island one resort or one island one hotel. So a resort is just one whole island…
Colors of Maldives Tourism

Maldives Colors and the fundamentals of Maldivian Tourism

Maldive Defined  The English word maldives refers to tropical pristine island with a white sandy beach, crystal clear lagoon.  The second meaning is a tropical resort island which is independently run as a single hotel, and where the only…
Definition of Maldives in Tourism

Maldives Tourism: definition of “maldive” for the Dictionary

Maldives is already a brand name in tourism and has its own unique characteristics representing a different concept that needs a definition  for the Dictionary. The industry  has been developed by Maldivians. When it started in 1972,…
Tourism in the Sunny Maldives

Maldives Tourism: Sunny Side of Life Defined

The Sunny Side of Life has been used for promoting of Maldives Tourism for a number of years, though for a short period the slogan was replaced by “always natural”. Needless to talk about it, it’s always good to have everything defined.…

What's So Special About Maldives

Away From the Maldives Memories still linger, of special moments from around the world. Its momentous when you consume a most delicious fresh tea in the hill country of Sri Lanka with its beautiful green scenery. It’s quite enjoying to…
Experience the sunny Maldives

Experience Maldives the Sunny Side of Life with Maldivian

Yes,Experience the Maldives, the Sunny Side of Life refers to nature’s best habitat for man. The place of nature’s magic – the wonder that happens when the blessing sunlight from the mighty sun, meets the little greenish islands surrounded…