Biyadhoo Coconut palms island

Maldives: the Kingdom of Coconut Palms

They are tall and strong. They stand proudly above all other trees forming a green blanket where are there are many of them or as umbrellas in case of few. The spectacular emerald view of the Maldive islands seen from above is from these majestic…
Kurumba the first resort

Maldives First Tourist, George Corbin

In search of virgin islands If a single name is to be mentioned in regards to the beginning of tourism in the Maldives, it is George Corbin, an Italian travel enthusiast and explorer of virgin tropical islands and diving destinations. The idea…
Colors of paradise

Maldives Healthcare Resort Awards

Healthcare Resorts because we don’t want call it No Smoking Resorts, not even Smoke Free Resorts. This is a concept based on positive promotion of a healthy life style. The intention is to encourage staff and visitors of the resorts  overcome…
idyllic Maldives Velaa PI

Marvelous Maldives: Who will Be the First Tourist To Visit all 1000 islands?

There are about 1190 islands sporadically arranged in 26 atolls in an area 820 km long and 130 km wide in the Indian Ocean. Being to each and every island in the tropical paradise would be a significant achievement and a challenge that might…
baros island

Marvelous Maldives Beautiful Baros: Island that Cannot be Forgotten

Life is too short, to experience each and every island of the Maldives. The white sandy beach, calm and warm, turquoise lagoon, walk through the crystal clear water and look back at the greenery island, its so mesmerizing scene and inviting.…


Maldives aoirpot

Maldives to open 50 new resorts, Airport to 7 million Passengers in 3 years

Fifty new resorts will be opened in the Maldives in the next three years while airport’s capacity will increase to serve  7,000,000 passengers annually  before the end of the current term of office of President Abdulla Yamin Abdul Gayyoom,…