Maldives the Colorful Side of Life

Up in the air, you look down at the scattered maldives in the midst of the Indian Ocean, they are seen as something out of the ordinary, a marvelous view that cools your eyes. You see cool colors green and blue. The sun’s magic through the…
From the islands of paradise

Maldives | The Islands of Paradise

Islands there, Islands here, islands everywhere, islands on the South, Islands on the north; islands on the east islands on the west. There are more than a thousand islands. About 200 with people less than 150 as resorts where only the staff…


Watching the sun rise It is 5 o’clock in the morning just after the Morning Prayer. You can clearly see and recognize someone a fifty feet away. About half an hour ago you could not see without street lights. It is 6 am, the  sun still has…
Colors of paradise

Maldives Healthcare Resort Awards

Healthcare Resorts because we don’t want call it No Smoking Resorts, not even Smoke Free Resorts. This is a concept based on positive promotion of a healthy life style. The intention is to encourage staff and visitors of the resorts  overcome…
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Maldives : Do You Need Smoking in Paradise?

Smoking kills. Tobacco kills; and kills half of its users. Nicotine has no benefits. If there is any perceived benefit, that’s over weighed by the harms, caused by nicotine. Resorts are characterized by cleanliness beauty and healthy living,…
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Marvelous Maldives Visit Year 2016: How about boosting the brand?

Just a few days ago Maldives  welcomed the 500,000th visitor to arrive in the Maldives for the year 2016 awarding the lucky French family a free holiday at Banyan Tree  Vabbinfaru. With six  months  already gone, it may  be a difficult…
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Marvelous Maldives where the Sunshine, Sky, Sea, and Sand make you Smile: Five Things that makes Maldives the Wonder of Modern World

There are the Seven (ancient) Wonders of the World and there are the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but there is only one Wonder of the Earth, the Marvelous Maldives, the only place where the mighty Sun has its magic on the nature. OF…
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Marvelous Maldives: the reason for Holidaying

Travel for holidaying has been a habit of man for a  long time. Whichever is the time period, human beings  started to travel from one place to another. what could be the reason for leaving the place that one calls home and go live somewhere…
biyaadhoo marvelous maldives

Marvelous Maldives: 5 Reasons why Biyadhoo stands out as a Maldivian Experience

Less than 40 minutes on a speedboat from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Biyadhoo Island Resort is a typical maldive that gives visitors everything they desire from the Indian Ocean’s paradise, a marvelous Maldives experience.   Biyadhoo…
baros island

Marvelous Maldives Beautiful Baros: Island that Cannot be Forgotten

Life is too short, to experience each and every island of the Maldives. The white sandy beach, calm and warm, turquoise lagoon, walk through the crystal clear water and look back at the greenery island, its so mesmerizing scene and inviting.…
Maldives End of times

Marvelous Maldives a wonder or a Reminder of end of times?

As the end of times nears with the earth being older than 4 billion of years, the Maldives is young and beautiful. Over a thousand islands with romantic white sandy beaches and colorless water lagoons, blue sky with fresh air and abundant sunshine…
Romantic Maldives paradise for backpackers

Romantic Maldives the Paradise for Backpacker Tourism

Does Backpackers have a chance here? Romantic Maldives, the paradise of the earth with its award winning luxury resorts and famous hotel chains   is not only for high end tourists. This unique industry started on five blessings which are…