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Marvelous Maldives | Paola Mattana Lamperti -  the Best Friend of the Maldives

Love is more powerful. If we do not love the Maldives, these islands will not be short of love, the Maldives will find love.  Paola Mattana Lamperti loves Maldives. She has no doubt she gets back love from the beautiful Maldives, the most beautiful…
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Marvelous Maldives: the Romantic Side of Life: First Experience at Vabbinfaru

Why choose Maldives Vabbinfaru “Paradise on earth”, “absolutely heavenly”, ”fabulous place for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon tropical island”, “amazing honeymoon”, ‘Perfect venue for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon”,…
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Marvelous Maldives: the reason for Holidaying

Travel for holidaying has been a habit of man for a  long time. Whichever is the time period, human beings  started to travel from one place to another. what could be the reason for leaving the place that one calls home and go live somewhere…