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Marvelous Maldives: When you Meet locals

Maldivians are a friendly people who are happy and prefers a peaceful life. Many of them are shy and being so is considered good manners. So they may not start a conversation and maybe silent. But never mistaken them to be walls. Knowing a few…
Culture tourism in Maidives

Maldives: Cultural Tourism: the Human Side of Life

Maldives is the premier tourist destination in the world, a fact that is arguable. This is true for honeymooners and those who are looking for relaxation. However, Idyllic Maldives will convincingly argue that, Maldives is the number one wonder…
One island one resort

Marvelous Maldives One Island One Resort - A Unique Maldivian Concept

This is a concept even today many don’t seem to be aware. In the Maldives when we say a resort it means an island where  there is only one resort. That is one island one resort or one island one hotel. So a resort is just one whole island…
Experience the sunny Maldives

Experience Maldives the Sunny Side of Life with Maldivian

Yes,Experience the Maldives, the Sunny Side of Life refers to nature’s best habitat for man. The place of nature’s magic – the wonder that happens when the blessing sunlight from the mighty sun, meets the little greenish islands surrounded…