Paola southernmost point

Marvelous Maldives | Paola Mattana Lamperti -  the Best Friend of the Maldives

Love is more powerful. If we do not love the Maldives, these islands will not be short of love, the Maldives will find love.  Paola Mattana Lamperti loves Maldives. She has no doubt she gets back love from the beautiful Maldives, the most beautiful…
The Sun Siyam Irufushi Maldives

Paradise in the Paradise = Irufushi in the Maldives

If Maldives is Paradise, you can expect Irufushi to be a small paradise not a surprise, but this island is extraordinarily   special. Simply said Irufushi  is Paradise  transformed into heaven. It’s the staff that does it, the amazing…
Paadise Over water

Beautiful Maldives: the Overwater Paradise

Questions How would you like to live in the middle of nowhere? Is it possible to live in the middle of a jungle? It is possible. How about in the middle of a desert, a beautiful sand desert? Or a beautiful garden with many or a single colour…
aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Maldives aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives that will take you back to the beginning of one-island one-resort concept when the Italians discovered virgin islands in the middle of the ocean. Its an island rich green, with a big beach…
Beach Island Marine Life

Maldives: Beach, Island, Marine Life where Sun Sky Sea Sand makes you Smile

Have you ever wondered why people visit the Maldives? IdyllicMaldives’s response to this question is quite simple. The maldive islands offer the best habitat for mankind: the Beach Island Marine Life. In other words the environment that you…
Maldives towards a billion

Towards One Billion

What about a billion visitors? Tourism began in the Maldives in 1972 with the opening of the first resort Kurumba Village, and  total of about 1000 visitors arrived in the country for the whole year. After that. it took 30 years to welcome…
Velaa PI

Marvelous Maldives: Is Velaa Private Island the “Taj Mahal” of the Indian Ocean?

India’s Taj Mahal cannot be compared to any other structure on the surface of the earth. It took over 20 years and 32 million Rupees (about 900 million dollars today) to complete while Velaa Private Island was built within two years for less…
Maldives velaa iisland

Marvelous Maldives: Where Dreams can Come True, Velaa Private Island

Wow, Look at that island! It looks like piece of heaven, a marvel in the middle of the ocean in the shape of a turtle, and that’s why it is called Velaa,  meaning turtle in local language, Velaa Private Island. Have you ever had a dream of…
Idyllic Maldives Mystery of biyadhoo1

Marvelous Maldives: the Mystery Surrounding Biyadhoo’s  Room No. 13

Biyadhoo is one of the most unique resorts in the Maldives, known as the Blanket Island among nature lovers for its rich greenery and tall coconut palms and some huge Banyan Trees covering the island including the walkways like you would not…
vabbinfaru idyllic maldives

Marvelous Maldives: the Romantic Side of Life: First Experience at Vabbinfaru

Why choose Maldives Vabbinfaru “Paradise on earth”, “absolutely heavenly”, ”fabulous place for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon tropical island”, “amazing honeymoon”, ‘Perfect venue for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon”,…
Kuri Inn Guest house

Marvelous Maldives Experience at Omadhoo Kuri Inn – Nothing Like it

How would you like to be a fisherman, just like a Maldivian?.... Oh! I knew you would say that. Many people would like to live a day as a fisherman, the thrilling experience  of catching a fish yourself, specially a big one for the first time…
biyaadhoo marvelous maldives

Marvelous Maldives: 5 Reasons why Biyadhoo stands out as a Maldivian Experience

Less than 40 minutes on a speedboat from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Biyadhoo Island Resort is a typical maldive that gives visitors everything they desire from the Indian Ocean’s paradise, a marvelous Maldives experience.   Biyadhoo…