Maldives: 9 Things to know about Amazing Addu

The atoll of the heart, Addu Atoll has many amazing features that are not true with the most of the islands to the north of the Maldives and a unique history that has not been written.  A direct flight from Colombo to the Southern tip of chain…
An Island in Huvadhu

The Original Maldives and the Heart of Paradise

So you think you visited Maldives? Yes, you may have been to  many resorts around the capital Maale. Visit the real Maldives by visiting three southern most atolls. Nobody has mentioned to you  this before, for understandable reasons The culture…
Canareef Resort

Canareef  Resort of Addu Atoll | A Maldives Plus

Note: maldive (plural maldives) is an island of The  Maldives. Britain and Ceylon are also examples of islands, not maldives” Three Questions Have you been to The Maldives? How many times? Have you been to Addu? If your answer is negative…