happy people

Why Maldivians are a Happy People?

Generally, it’s my assumption that Maldivians are one of the happiest people of the world as a nation. There is no proof or research results to say this, it can be seen everywhere in the Maldives, happy people who are satisfied in general…
Paadise Over water

Beautiful Maldives: the Overwater Paradise

Questions How would you like to live in the middle of nowhere? Is it possible to live in the middle of a jungle? It is possible. How about in the middle of a desert, a beautiful sand desert? Or a beautiful garden with many or a single colour…
Maldives bodu beru

9 Things to Know about the Beautiful Maldives

Maldives is certainly the paradise of the Indian Ocean, yet we also believe this is man’s number one 1 Wonder of the World for the simple reason that there is no other place which  is best suited for man to live and relax. No other wonder…