Kurumba Maldives: Experience the Spiritual Side of Life

Kurumba Maldives presents Maldivian Tourism at its best offering many features of traditional Maldivian feel. Simon Clarke is one those lucky people who are right now experiencing this world class resort known for its award-winning-quality services. Also a perfect place to discover the Spiritual Side of life

Simon Clarke on Honeymoon

Simon Clarke

Kurumba is good for all types of visitors, whether it is for honeymoon or luxury family reunion or as conference venue, Kurumba Maldives is the first choice.  Simon Clarke, the cyclist who is on honeymoon in Kurumba tweeted on the 26th October: “First day of our honeymoon, what an amazing place Kurumba Maldives is!!. Can’t wait to see what the next week holds!”.

Veli Spa

There are many special features of the resort that should want to enjoy a Maldivian experience,  and if you are in Kurumba, Veli Spa is one of the unique highlight of the resort to a true Maldivian experience. The Spa is “inspired by the solace of the Maldives Islands, the balance of the oceans, the energy of the indigenous people of the Maldives and the healing effects of human touch while incorporating modern therapies.”

Veli Spa

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used for massages which is an authentic local product. In the past coconut oil was widely used by the people daily on their on hair and body, one of the secret of the youthfulness of the Maldivian people. Many people are now realizing the value of coconut and are returning to use of oil derived from local coconuts.


This is the first time I came to know about its availability in y resort. Dhivehi-beys is a traditional Maldivian herbal medicine. Like many other traditions Dhivehi beys has survived for generations,. And Kurumba is once again a pioneer in introducing yet another  local feature to the menu. Also this will ensure preservation of this valuable remedies while sharing with people of the world.

Under the Stars


A massage with coconut oil poured from local cowrie shells  is something never to be forgotten. Once you let your body to be taken care of , under the  night sky full of stars. So this is like nothing else  you have felt before. A massage out  in the open air in night is  not appealing anywhere else, it’s simply marvelous that you will be back to experience it again.  It’s a stunning  setting for a fulfillment that takes you to the feeling of your inner self. You will be served Champagne and chocolate dipped fruits before you leave  for counting the stars.


“A natural and effective skincare and spa line that works in harmony with you. Offering innovative prescriptive skincare. Our products address the changes that occur in the skin as a result of seasonal, lifestyle and hormonal change. Combining clinically-tested bio-actives with over one hundred unique plant, mineral and marine extracts and pure delicately scented flower oils. Bring back the “feel-good factor,” for healthy and radiant skin.”

For Yoga Lovers

Whether you are going to take  yoga for the first time or you already have praised it, thee spa can adjust your needs with the best session that suits you. Kurumba offers you sessions at sunset, or sun rise on the beach or in the warmth of  the sun.

The Spiritual Side of Life


Maybe known as the sunny side of life, but Maldives is also the place where you find the spiritual side of life. The clear blue sky of the day, the stars-filled night sky, the serenity of the of the atmosphere, or the white sandy beach, all you need is to take long  breath. The fresh air from the Indian Ocean reaches the of your body let you become aware of the person inside of your body. You just reached the spiritual side of life.


Image Credits: Kurmba Maldives

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