Maldives The Romantic side of life

the Romantic side of life

White is the romance, it is the most romantic color. You may not agree with me and that is perfectly fine. Just imagine yourself on white sand bank in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing to be scared. Or imagine yourself on a white sandy beach of a desert maldive by a crystal clear lagoon. You and your wife, probably other members of your family. Just anywhere in a maldive, if you are the kid of romantic person, you are to find the Romantic side of life.


Back home you recall the memories while going through the video clips or pictures. The pictures are so perfect that it doesn’t matter what you wear the white background agrees with anything. What more surprising is that you find yourself so happy and that you look more beautiful than you ever thought, perhaps you never believed you are that beautiful. When people smile they are more attractive. The atmosphere really contrite to the change I mood. The magic of the sand.


While you walk barefoot on the beach of Kurumba Maldives, one of the world’s best all-inclusive resort you never fall short of expressing your romantic feelings to your wife or husband. It comes naturally when you are on your honeymoon, in particular. Imagine chasing each other, or lying on the sand. The sand presses your skin you get the feeling. The particles are just the right size to press your skin deep enough to give you the feeling of relaxation. A little more pressures will hurt you. Now get up and brush off the sand particles you skin gets back to the shape. There is more blood flow to the cells.  That’s the magic if you like to call it.


There is nothing missing in you that makes you feel fulfilled; the likes of Kurumba Maldives just provide you the natural habitat that your body needs.  Walk into the lagoon and splash water at your other half, there will not be sand with that.  You create whirling turbulence in the water and look in.  as soon as the bubbles disappears the water is as clean as ever. This is not so if you have experienced may other placed in the world.


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