Marvelous Maldives | Paola Mattana Lamperti –  the Best Friend of the Maldives

Paola southernmost point

Love is more powerful. If we do not love the Maldives, these islands will not be short of love, the Maldives will find love.  Paola Mattana Lamperti loves Maldives. She has no doubt she gets back love from the beautiful Maldives, the most beautiful country in the world. Her hobby is Maldives; her passion is taking pictures of the islands; snorkeling is in its turquoise water is her joy.  Paola’s life is the islands, like the Best Friend of Maldives where the Sun Sky Sea Sand makes you Smile.

When I talked to Paola, I felt I found home. Paola agrees with Idyllic Maldives’ Theory of 5S and the natural wonder of the earth. which is the Sun Sky Sea Sand and Smile which leads to qualifications of the Maldives as Man’s No. 1  Natural Wonder of the earth.

Talking 5S and the Natural Wonder Theory with Paola.

She marks her territory as soon as she arrives the resort or island. She rearranges and make sure the place is clean. Wherever she is, when Paola is in the Maldives its  her responsibility to clean the place, the beach in particular, that’s the first thing. Then only she enjoys her time in the Maldives. All her pictures need to be perfect.

Paula Mattana

The sunny side life

‘Don’t worry about the weather’; “The weather anywhere in the world is unpredictable”, In her 17 years of vising the Maldives there were only 5 days of raining’ in terms of the total number of hours.  There is no good or bad season for the Maldives.  There is a lot of sunshine and an incredibly beautiful weather like nowhere else in the world.

The Spiritual Side of Life

In her room, the first thing she always does is removal of carpet, lock the curtains and windows in open positions. She rearranges the whole setting of the room. This ensures Fresh air right from the ocean is never short supply with the blue sky overlooking provides the right conditions for   practicing the art of doing nothing, or meditation. Food for the soul.

The Colorful Side of Life

Whenever I come to Maldives, I am always mesmerized by the blue water of the lagoon: I think somebody put something painted in blue. It’s always the same bright color. The beauty of Maldives lies underneath the water too, she enjoys snorkeling, so  she can admire the beauty of the country she loves.

The Romantic Side of life

There is no better picture than one on the white sands with one’s partner. Maldives is a popular destination for honeymoon. Being the first visit as her honeymoon and taking pictures as her hobby. It’s worth delaying your honeymoon to come to the Maldives, the pictures will carry the feeling of romance.

Birds Maldives by Paula

Paola was born in Como of Italy, has only a brother. At the age of 23, she met her husband at the hotel where she worked as a customer services officer. She got married and since then lived in Switzerland. When they got married they didn’t have enough money for a honeymoon and finally in 2000 they put a side a budget and planned and came to Kuramathi Island Resort. Kuramathi in Italian means a place where crazy people are healed.  And her second name Mattana means crazy, that’s already surprising coincidence.

Smile: the human side of life

When Paola and her husband came to 12 years late honeymoon the couple were put in a wrong category room. The next day they were transferred to a higher category room than she originally booked. That is the Human Side of life. An island with a friendly people makes you Smile. That’s hospitality, she understood being   herself from the industry. She fell in love with Maldives.

A tourist coming to Maldives more than 30 times is something very special. And there are not many people who can boast that many visits.  Paola thinks there is at least one person who might have logged more visits than her (not considering the  ones who visit the country for  purpose of work, obviously) . She has visited the atoll nation more than 30 times since 2000. She visited about 60 resorts and 15 other islands including inhabited islands. Paola has been close to the  Northernmost tip of the Maldives. Last January she visited Addu Atoll and was at the Southernmost Point of the  Maldives. What an achievement!!

Friendly people

Every time, Paola arrives the Maldives she finds familiar faces, many of the airport representatives are those she met somewhere. Sometimes they call out to her. Every visit is a different experience. Every visit was at least 4 nights; the longest she stayed in the Maldives is 3 weeks. That is possible only out of pure love and passion.

Is the Maldives really that beautiful?

The 5S represents the elements that are necessary cater physical and spiritual needs of man on the surface of the earth. Maldives is the place on the surface of the earth where man’s needs are best satisfied. Hence the claim that Maldives is man’s no.1 natural wonder of the world.

What does Paola have to say about this theory?

“I agree with the 5S description of Maldives and I believe that Maldives is the closest to paradise out of all the places in the world. Love is blind, love is acceptance. The woman you love is the most beautiful; she is not perfect and no one is. So you simply ignore the weakness and accept thee reality. All the islands maybe not have white sandy beaches all around; one side of the island may be faced with erosion while the other side keeps growing with nice sandy beach. These islands are living, it’s a miracle that needs to be protected. I love Maldives and I am dedicated to promoting as such as is.”

PAula Famiy

What do you do in the Maldives?

I first study the island, ask for an accurate map, walk barefoot around on the sandy beaches, I play with the sand, I enjoy the turquoise water, I even sleep outside, I find my  soul looking in to blue sky breathing fresh air or watching the stars. I must never miss a sunrise. Sunsets are for all… but sunrises are a different story.  I take pictures and do snorkeling.

What is your moment in the Maldives?

“I have had my special moments with the Maldives, I call them My Maldives Miracles. Like when we had our 25th anniversary overnight on a deserted island, at dinner time it was raining all around but not on the island we are in”. or “if I decide to book a flight on My Maldives, suddenly the right offer appears on the web (flight or Stay), or a friend will invite me to the Maldives”

How many countries you visited?

She visited many countries in Europe Thailand in Asia. After she found Maldives, there has been no need of any other place, the rest of the world really disappeared for her. She found the place of her dreams and according to her “Maldives is the closest place on earth to paradise”. She was in Hulhumale for 2 days after a visit to Addu which she described as one of the most beautiful place in the Maldives, underrated and unknown to the world.  Addu tourism requires a lot of promotion, Paola said.

A growing list of islands to visit

The first tourist George Corbin was an Italian, we might have an Italian as the first tourist who visits all the  resorts in the Maldives, having already ticked out about 60. The to-visit list is still  bigger but Paola’s dream of visiting all the resorts also is. Given her skill to absorb the details of the resorts she  is known identify the resorts by looking at the pictures. It’s a challenge to tick all the resorts on the list while the  list  keeps growing. If there is anyone who can do it, Paola is one who can become the first tourist to visit all the resorts in the Maldives. And  she  is likely to become the most frequent visitor to the Maldives.  Then she will be known as the Best Friend of Maldives


All pictures are from Paola