The Original Maldives and the Heart of Paradise

An Island in Huvadhu

So you think you visited Maldives? Yes, you may have been to  many resorts around the capital Maale. Visit the real Maldives by visiting three southern most atolls. Nobody has mentioned to you  this before, for understandable reasons The culture and the people of these three atolls are more like original inhabitants of the Maldives.  I must say this, “you have not been to Paradise until you visit the heart of the Maldives.”

map of maldives

The Necklace and the Pendents


Have a look at the map of the Maldives. You coul


d observe that almost 80% of the maldives are arranged like a chain or necklace.  The three southern atolls form the pendants; with a heart at the bottom. Researchers agree that the people of these three atolls have retained more  of their way of life. This is geographically supported by Huvadhoo channel which separates the  these atolls is the biggest channel in the Maldives and people will think twice before attempting to cross it. Each of these  have its own dialect different from the others while the rest of the Maldives have the same form which is the official dialect spoken.


Heart of Maldives

It is safe  to assume that this is because of the lack of interaction  between the three atolls and the rest of the country. It can also be said  that the further down south you go the lesser the interaction. For  this reason researchers  say that the  people of Addoo and  the dialect spoken are more likely the original. Its no coincidence that the Addu City in the shape of heart is the heart  of the Maldives.

Self sufficient, independent

There are no much history written about the south and it is believed these atolls were not affected  by the Portuguese or Malabar Rule and when Maale and the other atolls were  ruled by foreigners or lost independence, the Huvadhoo Channel has protected the three  atolls. The region remained self-sufficient independent, even during the World War there was no  shortage of food. They had enough  food as breadfruit, taro, coconut, banana in abundance and  could survive on their own.

3 more destinations


So these are a few, there are more reasons why  you should visit the south. Huvadhu Atoll is the                                       Heart of paradise

biggest atoll in the Maldives and has hundreds of smaller maldives. The equator  lies between Huvadhoo Atoll and Fuahmmulah which is just one big maldive in the middle of nowhere and also the most beautiful. The Southern  most atoll, the heart is  a smaller atoll in terms of area but has bigger maldives and home to largest population outside the capital.

The story told


Now the story of Original Maldives is told, your bucket has there more destinations: Huvaddhoo Atoll (The Atoll of Paradise), Fuahmulah (the beautiful island of paradise) and Addu Atoll, (the heart of paradise)  Stay with IdyllicMaldives, to read more on the islands of paradise, the Maldives where the Sun Sky Sea Sand makes You Smile. We tell the story of Maldives like no other.

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