Marvelous Maldives: the Romantic Side of Life: First Experience at Vabbinfaru

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Why choose Maldives Vabbinfaru

“Paradise on earth”, “absolutely heavenly”, ”fabulous place for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon tropical island”, “amazing honeymoon”, ‘Perfect venue for honeymoon”, “perfect honeymoon”, “great place for honeymoon”. These are just some of the expressions visitors have used on review websites to describe their experience after returning from the likes of Vabbinfaru  Maldives. There are also many phrases and numerous other words indicating romance in many of the reviews. It’s worth looking at the reasons that make holiday makers or honeymooners find so romantic about Maldivian Resorts.

Is it real?

Vabbinfaru Maldives
The pictures are so unbelievably perfect that they may not be even real. There are many applications that can change the pictures to show what it is really not. Its actually more beautiful than the pictures, It ‘s simply amazing. you are thinking, as you the plan trip during the last six months or so, looking though all those pictures you are confused. Handsome couples in romantic poses unaware of their surroundings, lost into each other or both looking at a distance like two in one. Perfect pictures taken in white garments against white sandy beaches, blue sky, blue green lagoon and blue sea. No doubt they are acting, these professional models posing for the pictures, that’s not real, looks too romantic, one has to experience it.

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You are not sure as your long flight finally enters the final 15 minutes, you look out the window, far down below Maldives islands can be seen, green surrounded by white in the dark blue; the closer you get the clearer, the more beautiful they , the color changes, you wake up partner who sleeping, married less than two days ago. It is then blue green lagoon between the dark blue sea and the sandy beach. But she just smiles, tighten her arms around you and close her eyes again, her head on your chest, too sleepy. But you feel better, after all, it looks more beautiful than the pictures.

Vabbinfaru The Island of Romance

Maldives Vabbinfaru 3
It takes twenty five minutes by speedboat, your wife tightens her hold on your hand as you approach the dream island, remember you fell in love with her (the island) at the first sight of the picture back at home while searching for a resort for your honeymoon. Seeing it real, a perfect island at the end of the long jetty gives the resort a majestic look. You are taken by a lovely surprise, people are already waiting for you in front of the Reception, a wow- welcome unexpected, already feeling home, you are given a refreshing welcome drink and fruit splatter, the staff unbelievably nice and friendly. you cannot not stop watching your wife who was enjoying every moment talking and laughing with the staff, no doubt she will add to the beauty of any pictures on this lovely island. You must be already planning a coming back; wondering what is yet to come. Welcome to Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru.

Perfect for Honeymoon

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A Villa at Beachfront Pool with direct access to the beach and the ocean, but private and secluded, have a private pool with Jacuzzi and outdoor shower. At the villa you quickly open the door, didn’t know what to expect, your wife looking at the pool talking to you about how beautiful the place is . After a while she not hearing your voice, and kind of confused she calls your name and rushes into the room to find you with open arms. You are blocking her view of the massive bed. She takes a moment to notice the decorated bed with flowers. Wow! Up she jumps into your arms, you both on to the bed, missing the picture. You are surprised. It’s not pictures, which is important now. It’s the moment that you have been waiting for since you left home, though not as you expected. How could you resist her, as the beautiful lady she is. With an open-concept bathroom, private poolside cabana and sheltered outdoor terrace furnished with a comfortable lounge bed, you have everything you need to make your honeymoon unforgettable. You two are exhausted hungry, its late afternoon, yet you want to go see the beach. Look outside through the window , a stunningly personal view of the sea, the beachfront experience that is nothing short of seafaring.

The First Beach Experience in the Maldives

So far your honeymoon has been really an awesome experience. Your partner gets out of the bed, walks toward the beach. On her way out she challenges you: “let’s see who can reach the lagoon first, without waiting she started counting: 3, 2, 1. Go! She runs toward the beach and reaches the water first with you right behind, she stops right at the edge of the water shouts “I am the winner, I am the winner….” You run past her into the lagoon until you can run no more, the water level above your knee. You shout “I am the winner, I am….). She just stays there staring at you. You extend both arms: “come on baby…). She runs toward you and fly into your arms, both down into the water. She pulls herself out of the water coughing, you get up and leaned towards her : “I love your lips” . The world is yours it’s your private beach. A huge white cloud crosses above you in the sky blocking the sun giving you shade. Wow! What an experience you never ever imagined it, not even in your wildest dreams. “baby I can never have enough of you!” you whisper into her ears. That’s true you can never be satisfied with Maldives beach, you will want more and more… You two stay there to watch the sunset. It is just the beginning of a fantastic honeymoon.
Worth Every Cent
Everything happens so fast, you have the highlight of your life. Until the you leave the island you are met with warm pleasantries, everything goes so smooth, that you can expect nothing more. The facilities, the restaurants, the food, the spa, your experience has been delightful. The island resort is just the perfect for an intimate feeling. The barefoot walk through the island, the candle light dinner, pictures taken all felt at the same level as the most satisfying pleasure, memories of Vabbinfaru, Maldives will last a life time, the Romantic Side of Life.


Image credits: http://www.banyantree.com/en/em-maldivesbinfaru