Maldives the Human side of life : Culture

Human side of life

Come to Maldives and experience Human side of life; if you are from one of the countries in North Africa, Arabia, Sri lanka or India you will find yourself in a familiar place or a culture influenced by these countries . During their travel, people from these countries came to Maldives, lived making a  vibrant and unique culture that has been preserved for centuries. We have evolved ourselves to a unique  cultural identity

Will you believe that we were a Buddhist country until 1153 AD . All the Maldivians are said to have converted to Islam, we are probably the only nation that announced a conversion of religion as a whole nation. Since then our the people’s life has been based on to islamic fundamentals.


The islanders have inherited a lot of ancient folklore that has been passed over generations. A host of  such stories can be heard even today. These myths are consisted of interesting  stories of life on the islands. Mostly based on some sort of creatures  emerging from  the vast seas around the islands scaring and haunting the islanders. Some of the islands are said to have lost their populations and repopulated again and again.Budeubrru

Even today you can find on many islands people are closely-knit. The unity among the people still prevails in most of the islands, you will be amazed by how organized these islanders are; it’s like following standard procedures with defined responsibilities. Women are engaged in raising children and household work, they find time to do some work to earn extra income. Most of men go to fishing, do  carpentry and toddy tapping.

Life of both men and women have changed in the bigger islands like Male. More and more women working in all areas even in engineering, hold vital positions with private add public sectors. After the first tourist resort opened in the early 70s  most of the people got employed and the country moved towards modernization rapidly. Economic growth has drastically changed the lifestyle of people.

A rich Culture of  music and dance have survived with changes, have  traces of the above mentioned contrives and boasts even a richer flavor. If you happen to be in the resorts you get to see a popular music with dance and singing called Boduberu literally meaning big drum. Around 20 men sing with about 4 drummers. Usually one of the drummers is the leading singer. You are sure to join the crowd towards  of end of an item which includes three songs or melodies with increasing  tempo.  As you reach the last part, the tempo increases rapidly to reaching a climax where you will be  lost in an atmosphere of complete ecstasy. You wouldn’t want to stop with those drum beats inside you. Have a look at this song on YouTube from Habeys 

There are a number of traditional  activities like  Dhandi Jehun, Langiri, Thaara and Gaa Odi Lava. Many of these activities are music and dances involving locally made articles. Some of these activities are   performed in royal ceremonies. There are items like Bandiyaa jehun, Maafathi Neshun and Bolimalaafath Neshun only performed by women. Some of these acts were designed to perform in the royal courts. Indian and Western music have also greatly influenced the musicians of the country.

Part of human side of life includes unique craftsmanship complex stone carvings found in old mosques and the mastery of lacquer works, mat weaving, coir rope making and calligraphy. Traditional dresses and ornaments profess the artistry and creativeness of Maldivian artisans. Such exceptional works can be acquired by visitors as souvenirs. A visit to the Maldives not only guarantees the best vacation but can experience human side of life