Maldives: the Gateway to Relaxation


Man and nature. The two components of tourism. Tourism generally refers to people’s traveling and staying at places other than their homes. He is actually going after nature wherever he travels, he spends most of the time with nature. Maldives, is the nature’s gift and blessing to man , the gateway to relaxation, the paradise on earth. The Sun Sky Sea Sand; and the Maldivians are here to make your Smiles effortless.


Maldives Beach

For billions of years man has been searching for his habitat. The place where he can relax. I guess you know what we are like; some lazy creatures who want to relax, to get that ultimate feeling , that of being a star. My favorite description: the way Ronaldo feels after scoring that goal, all the pressure released, relaxed, especially after a trophy-winning goal beating his rival. By the way he has done that, Ronaldo is undoubtedly the best now. Back to the point, Italians know what it means to be relaxing. “La Dolce Far Niente,”, the sweetness of doing nothing or the art of doing nothing.

Cristiano RonaldoSweetness of doing nothin

It’s not surprising that even the United Nations has been searching for the best place for relaxation. Because it is man’s ultimate goal, to find relaxation. However this is not written in books, and cannot be found by means of an organized robotic procedure. That is the reason why the United Nations said “No”. Maldives is not the right place. It is the Italians who understand what relaxation is. Hence it is not a coincidence that they found Maldives and said “yes” this is the place we have been looking for, the ultimate destination for relaxation.

Desire for Completeness

It is the ultimate purpose of man’s life on earth to find his destiny, to find the ultimate relaxation. Yet he oftentimes forgets that he is on a transit, that the completeness that he is searching for is the actual Heaven. In this life on earth the happiness is limited, the very reason Ronaldo could not get all of it, he had to come off the field, but he won the cup. If he stayed on the field and won it, he might not be able to handle it. Maldives is the best that is possible on earth, a small preview of the real Heaven.

Not without fight

Anybody who come to Maldives will not really want to leave. Not without a fight. Since he has no plausible reason to fight he just limits fighting his own self which says “don’t go, this is where you belong”. But Maldives is a small place, and this is the reason you need money to stay, otherwise its free. This means everybody has to go back; with the determination to save money and come back.

maldives art of doing nothing

No other place

Anybody who can afford to come and stay in the Maldives will not be willing to anywhere else for this is where he belongs on the earth. If everything else remains the same; the distance, the transport, the price, the time taken, etc. man will choose Maldives. This can be proved by a scientifically if someone has the means and reason to do that. People who could afford to travel all over the world and seen all the famous places they come to the Maldives build their own private island like Jiri Smecj. Wise decision.

Image Credits: Dreaming of Maldives


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