Maldives| Visit Hulhumale, enjoy the Nature for free.

Hulhumale is planned for the future. The ambitious plan of 2 phase project that began in 1997 the first phase was completed in 2002. With the experience of the  congested Male sometimes described as  a Concrete Jungle, Hulhumale offers a stress free, relaxed life. Visitors can enjoy the nature just like another island  in Maldives. Why not visit Hulhumale. Its right at the door step.


With increasing population  that is currently estimated to be around 40,000 things will change in no time. Although it is a reclaimed island, the nature has been kind. The sun, the sky, the sea, the sand and  the smiles are all the  same. There is a long beach of over a kilometer, a beach that has the  white sand and a vast lagoon of turquoise water. The island is planned in such a way that there is sufficient  space   for the people who visit Hulhumale  can enjoy, just like the locals.


With increasing population businesses will  grow and more people will be attracted. The foreign work force will be a considerable part of the population.  The target population for the first phase 60,000.  If that is registered population one can expect an equal number of foreigners as labor. Hence thee visitors can meet the locals and foreigners be exposed to different cultures.

visit Hulhmale

Transit Tourists

Tourism and hospitality industry is expected to increase. As  more guest houses are  coming up a five star  hotel is on the list. The island  will have more tourists than any other island.  This will include a major potion of  transit tourists who just stays for  overnight  or just few hours.  A  few days ago  I met  a Russian couple who had spent just 7 days  in Thoddoo. There were waiting for the flight I which is in the evening,

Beach Front Accommodation

The beach front accommodation is best part of Hulhumale. With guest houses all facing the rising sun in the morning. People can enjoy the daily show, “the rising sun” from the very balcony of their guest houses. For some it is right from the comfort of their warm bed. For some it will the terrace  of the building. Yet still for others it will  be a  barefoot walk along the beach taking  pictures. You may even choose  to have a coffee just watching change of colours. It is not only  that of the sun; the colour of everything;   I mean everything  around us.

Visit Hulhumale

The beach in Hulhumale si free for tourists, for foreigners, for locals all alike. You   take a  sea bath  even with  the locals. If you are swimmer there is a special floating swimming track you can  do few hundred. I mean a few 100 meter laps, at no charge at all. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is not  to go  to the beach bikinis ; its not in line with the  culture of  the people.  You can see  sign boards to say that. You can still enjoy the turquoise water for free, just visit Hulhumale.