Celebrities and the Maldives

The Maldives is  oftentimes associated with celebrities, rich people, honeymooners, romance, and everything beautiful, Maldives itself is  now a celebrity brand. Hence a celebrity travels to Maldives, media attention is multiplied. The new…
Maldives pivure

Maldives | The Sunny Side of the World

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary ‘sunny side’ refers to the side of something that receives most sunlight from the sun. Maldives is  on  the equator and everywhere on the equator gets more than  12 hours of sun…

Maldives| Visit Hulhumale, enjoy the Nature for free.

Hulhumale is planned for the future. The ambitious plan of 2 phase project that began in 1997 the first phase was completed in 2002. With the experience of the  congested Male sometimes described as  a Concrete Jungle, Hulhumale offers a stress…
budget tourism

Hulhumale: the future of Budget Tourism?

It’s Wednesday past noon,  a bright  sunny day, around 32 centigrade, I just had a look outside from the balcony on the Second floor of the beachfront house. Surprisingly the tables and chairs at the beach  restaurant  were empty except…
Maldivian Tourism Kurumba


Most people talk about sun, sea, and sand, the three S tourism.  But there are two more equally important factors that make Maldivian tourism flourish. Hence there are 5 pillars of Maldivian tourism. Of the 5S, the fourth S is the Sky and the…
Luxury Tourism


We like to think that Maldives is the most beautiful place on the surface of the earth. Many of us believe that. Hence we would like to see the islands of paradise to be the most luxurious destination. Some of us may think we are already there.…
King Slaman mosque will chaneg the face of male

The new face of the Maldives

Many countries have often large structures or buildings that are popular and goes with the name of that country. These maybe artificial or natural, easily recognizable from a distance. It’s a symbolic of the country and the people takes pride…
Chinese love the Mladives

The Love Affair between Maldives and China

Chinese people found Maldives not that long ago, though they  have been to all corners of the world and establishes “china towns” where ever they go. Ever since they started coming here they fell in love with Maldives and  now…
Culture tourism in Maidives

Maldives: Cultural Tourism: the Human Side of Life

Maldives is the premier tourist destination in the world, a fact that is arguable. This is true for honeymooners and those who are looking for relaxation. However, Idyllic Maldives will convincingly argue that, Maldives is the number one wonder…
Kurumba the first resort

Maldives First Tourist, George Corbin

In search of virgin islands If a single name is to be mentioned in regards to the beginning of tourism in the Maldives, it is George Corbin, an Italian travel enthusiast and explorer of virgin tropical islands and diving destinations. The idea…