Maldives | The Sunny Side of Life

maldives Sunny side

When an old man having a fever exposes himself to the heat of the early morning sunlight, when the student’s heartbeat increases due to the fear of being late because he sees the shadows of the  tree too long, when men hurries to the mosque before any sign of sunlight, when families bring out different food items such as fish and breadfruit for drying in the in the sunlight, the list goes on; it is the  mighty sun’s energy being used in the day to day life of Maldivians.

At 5:30 I the morning,  the sun is not seen,   but the sunlight is sufficient to get on the routine daily life. It is the time the time the streets of the islands are being swept clear of any  leaves or rubbish. When the day starts everybody has ultra long ghost that begins at his or her feet  and extends far away .  The ghost soon starts to appear its end, continues to shorten in length, shrinking and finally disappears  beneath the feet. It’s 12 , noon. Only for an instant. The  shadow now just reverses continue likewise past afternoon and completely disappears with the sun going past the horizon.  There is sufficient light for another half hour or so.

Maldives the sunny side

The  best  thing about Maldives is the Sun or the  Sunshine or daylight with  its comfortably warm temperature. Sun is of course the most important thing for any country because all of life depends o energy from the sun. All energy comes from the sun. The Maldives gets the best level, the optimum intensity of heat.

If you are looking for heat you can stay  in the sun and you will  not burn. Its just 30 to 32 degree centigrade at most. The  breeze from the sea takes away the heat from your body and  so you do not overheat. If don’t like the direct  heat from the sum you stay under a tree taking refuge in the shade so you can stay outdoor, through out the entire day.

As  the  day passes  the afternoon through the  evening into the night, you need not worry. It’s never cold  that  you have to  go inside; the temperature just drops a couple of degrees. This means it is  round the  clock, pleasant conditions. Be with the nature, this is where you can live through  out the year without  air-conditioning.

We are fortunate to  have over 13 hours  of daylight everyday all round the year.  Sunshine varies between 7 and 12.5 hours. There may be places  where there is more or less sunshine, but everything considered its only the Maldives  which can be maldives the sunny side of the world

Pictures: TravelCenterMaldives; MyMaldives