Maldives: You haven’t been here until you ate  Roshi and Mas Huni

It is the best meal in the paradise, the Maldivians’ favorite, probably the most delicious breakfast in the world. Americans love Roshi and Mas Huni, Australians love Roshi  Mas Huni, the Bristish will certainly love Folhi and Mas huni, South Africans love it, Chinese love it, even Sri Lankans and Indians its delicious, all Maldivians live on Roshi and Mas Huni.roshi maldives

Universally delicious

Those are some of the nationalities of people we had the opportunity to dine with. Roshi and Mas Huni is the most famous breakfast in the Maldives.  We make sure that it is available at every dinner when we invite friends from other countries when overseas or here. Everybody likes it. The level of hotness of mas huni  that need to be varied for different people. Some people prefer Mas Huni to be hot while most of the Europeans, Americans and Australians prefer mild hot

What is Roshi?


If you are in n the Southern Atolls don’t ask for ‘Roshi’ , you might get a slap on the face.In the south it is called ‘folhi’ but it is the same everywhere in the Maldives. Roshi is probably a derivation of chapathi from the Indian  Subcontinent or Sri Lanka.It only needs white flour, cooking oil and salt to make Roshi.

How to make Roshi

You need half a kg of flour in a big bow to make about 25 Roshi enough for 5 people. Spread out the flour from the centre to the side around the bowl, so the bottom centre of the bowl is nearly visible, add 5 table spoons of cooking oil,half teaspoon of table salt followed by one cup of boiling water. Use a spoon to mix moving the spoon in circular motion starting from the middle outward adding more water as necessary to make a soft dough.

The secret of Maldivian Roshimas huni

Making the dough is the most important step in preparation of Roshi. You need be an expert to make the dough and it comes with practice. Adding water enough at the right time is important to make the dough that will give the texture and elasticity of the final Roshi. After mixing with a spoon until the temperature of the mixture has dropped enough, use your hand to mix to completely and make  sure all the flour in the bowl  and your hand has gone into the dough. The final dough should be not sticky but soft enough to roll easily without breaking. Finally make balls out of the dough of 1 to 1 and a half inch diameter. Now you are you  are ready to start cooking.


You need a hotplate heated to medium to high. This again is another area expertise necessary to make the best Roshi. Spread out a dough ball using a roller on a table top until it is extremely thin but thick enough to remove it from the table without breaking. Rolling and changing sidesare repeated a few time. Each time making it bigger; you may have to use a little bit of flour to make rolling easier. Take itput on the hot plate, flipping over sides until cooked well. When you finish one the next one should be ready for the hot plate.

Mas Hunimaldives breakfast


Mas is fish usually canned tuna. Huni is scrapped coconut. First cut a big onion into two halves and into thin slices and chop  a few times so there no long strings. Chop a  red mild hot chili finely enough. Take the chopped onion and chili into a bowl squeeze a lemon and mix with crushing the onions a little. Add salt to taste and two cans of fish and mix well. Add two cups of huni and mix until huni is just equally distributed. Contents can be varied to your taste. Divide into 5 equal potions and transfer to 5 plates with 5 roshi each

The Human Side of Life


Now you are ready to eat while Roshi is still warm. All you need is a plain Ceylon tea.  To enjoy like  Maldivians you have to eat a little bit of mas huni with about a square inch size piece of roshi, so when you are down to the last half of the 5th roshi you have more mas huni, now enjoy more mas huni for every piece of remaining roshi and that will make you enjoy the meal, and make sure you finish mas huni. Anybody can try this anywhere in the world. But you can never enjoy the real taste unless you are in the Maldives. That’s the secret of the Sunny Side of Life where the sun has its magic on virgin islands. That’s not all. The best of Roshi and Mas Huni is not available in  resorts. The real taste comes from a Maldivian home, the Human Side of Life.

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