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From the islands of paradise

Islands there, Islands here, islands everywhere, islands on the South, Islands on the north; islands on the east islands on the west. There are more than a thousand islands. About 200 with people less than 150 as resorts where only the staff who serve you lives. And these are only one-island-one-resorts, so the Maldives are  the indisputable islands of Paradise.

Maldives not just Islands

Islands may not be the best description for the Maldive Islands. Understandably islands maybe a land surrounded by water. England they refer as island, Sri Lanka is an island, so is Singapore, Hong Kong. There are many islands in many countries. Islands in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc. There are islands that are more like islands of Maldives in Fiji, Caribbean, French Polynesia, etc.

Then Best Description: maldives

Maldives only describe the types islands we have here. Henceforth, these units of paradise are  maldives; singular form a maldive. A maldive is an island no more than 5 square kilometers, surrounded by a blue ocean that changes through 50 shades of blue through turquoise and finally to a white of the sands of the beach, the most Romantic place on the surface on the earth.

Collect shells

There are unique features that are inherent with a maldive. You can go barefoot, minimum clothes, you can walk along the beach collecting shells, you will surprise yourself with the varieties of shells you find, they are so beautiful that you collect them and take them back to home as a gift or as a sweet memory.

Take a bath anytime

You can just  work into the water, take a bath. Then you can interact  with fish. Anytime. When your body is cold you  have warm water in the morning, and when you feel hot in the afternoon water is cold. Never too cold just below your body temperature.

Fresh Air

A maldive also provides you the fresh air to breathe there are no pollution problems; any stale air is driven out of the island by fresh sea breeze which comes in different direction at different times of the year. The white sandy beach is also washed and cleaned or even replaced.


You would say that IsLand to Relax, the best thing to do is do nothing at all/ The art of   doing nothing. Make sure you exercise your eyes, relaxation the benefit that you do   not have back in your country, perhaps.  Take every opportunity to look far into the  horizon. Stretch to the limit of your eyes and feel the relaxation, that you cannot get even in a spa.

The Best of Nature

The sunshine in abundance, gives you the tropical weather, pleasant all through out the year. The sea with its colorful underwater marine life is luxury for those who can afford and  are interested.  Snorkeling: you can enjoy  the clear water.

Paradise in three dimensions

In the Maldives you find paradise here, down there, over there. The paradise on land with white sandy walkways on bare foot surrounded by green flora and smiling staff of various nationalities. Wherever  you are from the smile is natural, a mere reflection of the relaxation and inner peace.  Out beyond the beach and turquoise lagoon lies the beauty of the Maldives.   The Underwater paradise best  experienced  if you are a diver or if you are lucky enough to visit one of  those underwater    restaurant or underwater spa, or  in the least you take a submarine to the under water paradise .

Islands of paradise

Then the   over water paradise: you get the world’s best water villas beneath which water  flows and schools of multi coloured fish. Basically the islands of Paradise are characterized  by 5S rather  than three S which other destinations are about. In the Maldives, the sustainability of tourism is ensured by 5s, the Sun Sky Sea Sand  and Smile. Experience them here at its best, islands of paradise,  Marvelous Maldives

Pictures: Booking.com; Amillafushi

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