Maldives aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives that will take you back to the beginning of one-island one-resort concept when the Italians discovered virgin islands in the middle of the ocean. Its an island rich green, with a big beach that is white, lagoon that is transparent; aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise of the Marvelous Maldives.

A Display of Culture and History


The out-of-the-box-thinking name is said to have been derived from aavee which means like ‘renewed’. The word is used to reflect something or a concept when it is revived in modern day. aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise brings back the history of tourism and Maldivian Culture, to give the visitors the taste of the 70s with basic facilities and 30 rooms built from local materials such as corals and thatched roofs. Coconut timber is widely used for building structures of restaurants jetty, etc. most public areas left with sands as the original islands to give you the feelings of maximum nature.

Sun Sky Sea Sand makes you Smile

There are no expensive facilities like other resorts. The Maldives islands trademark features are retained as much as possible in this resort. The tourist come to the Maldives to experience nature. The sun, sky, sea, sand that are the pillars of Maldivian tourism. The resort is made for those who want to walk on the white sandy beach, to swim in the turquoise lagoon, or float on their backs looking into the blue sky, move around the island bare feet, only wash your feet to enter the room only to sleep.

Stunning Beach

The island has a rich vegetation with coconut palms all stand over other small trees and bushes. aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise is designed to depict Maldivian early ,life and is very eco friendly. The beaches are stunning, and there one special sunset beach that is an incredibly long beach, you can view sunset from the deck bar. There are various platforms, swings and hammocks in the shallow waters.

Incredible Lagoon


The beach on the other side is equally beautiful with a crystal clear lagoon where you can play barefooted or swim; a soft sandy floor at your feet. I am not sure if you would notice the colorless fish which are usually seen in areas with no corals. A careful observer can spot their black eyes. They are capable of diving right into the sand for protection.
aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise is just made to a real Maldivian experience. But don’t worry, there are no shortage of facilities to enjoy, in fact there are more in addition to the normal facilities you find other resorts .

Enjoy Water at aaaVeee Nature Paradise

It’s all about fun and enjoying yourself with many beautiful diving sites. It will be good to take one of the introductory courses, if you want to see the colorful side of the Maldives go for more advance courses witness the underwater Maldives. aaaVeee is very special for those who likes diving, there are various types of divining packages customized for everyone’s need including children and even free diving packages. All provided by a professional and experienced Diving Team. Snorkeling is one of the things anybody can enjoy with little or no training, you can freely snorkel around the house reef; its perfectly safe.


A range of motorized and non-motorized water sports activities are available from morning till sunset. Activities you could try include jet ski, para sailing, canoeing, banana boat ride, water ski, fun tube and power snorkeling.

Relaxation on decks

There are beach decks if the sands are not enough, that gives you an experience of floating over the beach. Imagine you got ‘lost in the jungle’ or you like sometime in seclusion: head to the jungle decks in the thick forest. These elevated decks are a unique Maldivian concept that I remember have experienced as a boy. We used build nest houses on branches high above on the trees.
These decks are strategically located around the island inside the thick forest overlooking the sea. Nature from above, hearing the only sound of nature. Sleep, relax, or read a story book while being infused in the Nature’s of our beautiful island. There won’t be any danger.

Still not Satisfied?

aaaVeee Nature’s Parajungledeckdise is blessed. So are the many local village islands, and uninhabited virgin islands that are barely touched or the sand banks where you find nothing except maybe some local birds if it happens to be their holiday season. You can choose to go excursions on island hoping to any of the above choices. Or how about a dolphin watch? Night fishing, day out fishing and barbecues?
aaaVeee is the nature’s paradise. Explore more about this amazing Maldivian WTA Award Winner: Indian Ocean’s Leading New Resort. Visit aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise

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