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Human side of life

Have you got  a Maldivian Islander as a friend who can invite you to a dinner or lunch with home made food? One thing you are very likely to get is Roshi with mashuni, and you will certainly love it. You will  be pleased to hear when your host explains how to make it. Be sure to catch the smile on your face as a reminder of the Maldives the human side of life.


Maldivians or in local language Dhivehin have a style and character that are distinct from other South Asians. They can easily be recognized from anywhere in the world especially in  Sri Lanka and India. Maldivians are usually seen very fresh wearing clean clothes. Unlike many other countries , the temperature  of  water is fairly  constant Maldivians are used to take  a bath twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Early in the morning 5 o’clock everybody must get up, especially the boys should go to the mosque. Much of their day, if no schooling,  is spent on the beach playing some games, soccer is the most popular game, and all the boys and men play soccer normally called football. During the weekend usually they organize a picnic to a deserted island.

Helping Hand

Boys  use to help the father  in doing day to day work around the house, if needed they help the mother as well. Girls help their mothers in daily routine tasks at home. These includes daily cleaning tasks in and  around the house, including the street covered by the length the land plot of their house. Making up the beds including the mosquito nets, putting of the flame off the oil lamps and remove them from their assigned position. Showering the young ones and making breakfast.

Women Work

After breakfast those who go to school will be taken by someone  older. Men go to work after  breakfast  unless they are fishermen who leave early in the morning. Women who stay home will usually will be doing  some work to get extra income, or for homme use cooking, fish, making coconut oil, etc. before and after lunch. In the afternoon after 4, most of the people will be out playing some kind of games out on the streets.

Some will  take  shower, wear beautiful clothes and go  out for walks or stay visit friends just  stay out in front of their house. It’s also time for teenagers, boys go out looking for some possible interactions with girls who will usually be  out in front of their homes, or in the neighborhood.

By five thirty the oil lamps will cleaned  and be lit by 6 o’clock. The  cleanliness of the lamps and the house is a sign of an orderly household with presence of   “gevehi anhenun”  meaning women who can look after a house. Men will usually prefer such women for marriage.

Maldivians smile


Adolescents or who has girls friends will visit the girls at their house, depending on how strict  the parents  are the meeting could be from secret to open meeting. In rare cases the parents will trust the girls to meet in private. When a Maldivian man goes to see his girl friend if you go passing him on the street where he is headed will not be a secret, he wears his best clothes, the smell  of his perfume fills the street, even the handle of his  bike smells the perfume. Such is the style  of a typical Maldivian.


By nature, Maldive islanders are very kind  welcomes visitors to their, while men company  the visitors arrangements will be made for refreshments. Kurumba is a usual welcome drink, or tea with some  homemade snacks.

The present day life of Maldivian islanders has not changed much  but technology has come into their life. Both girls and boys will have latest smart  phones and they are now global islanders. Increasing number of Maldivians  are now getting married to foreigners.


Currently the population of the Maldives is over 340,000, there is estimated 60000 registered foreigners residing in the country. Maldivians are generally strong adherents of Islam. Children are taught  how to read Quran before everything else. By constitution Maldivians are all Muslims. The language spoken is Dhivehi with some 3 dialects in the southern atolls.

Now you maybe surprised that at the end of the meal with your friend they are eating  something that look like wood and leaves, they  may you or  may not offer you. They know you wouldn’t like it. That’s arracnut and beetle leaves that many people chew after meals. You may try it.  That’s part of Maldives the human side of life.

Pictures: Guest House Maldives

Maldivians smile by QUO