Celebrities and the Maldives

The Maldives is  oftentimes associated with celebrities, rich people, honeymooners, romance, and everything beautiful, Maldives itself is  now a celebrity brand. Hence a celebrity travels to Maldives, media attention is multiplied. The new year season is a time these high profile visitors expected.

Maldives is idyllic for  those who needs privacy. Each and  every resort is isolated. There is no chance for the  media unless invited, because the only people in the resorts are the tourists and  people who serve them. Hence celebrities come and go unnoticed. as for the resorts, as much as they want publicity, they need to keep it secret, if they expect a second visit. Travel plans are often known only to personal agents and senior staff in case of very high  profile visitors.

Some of the celebrities announce their holiday plans well in advance, especially  in  case of Maldives, its  perfectly  safe and even better the news is already release ad they have privacy n It is also in a way safe because it will not be news anymore and that nobody the privacy is guaranteed once  the visitors are in the Maldives, then the celebrities themselves share the pictures as they like.

Maldives is becoming more popular with Indian Celebrities. Shenaz Treasurywala Bombay, Maharashtra, India has been reported to have visited the Maldives. she is an actor,travel blogger, TV Host.  As reported on IMDb She is the daughter of a Merchant Navy captain and in her  early life  she travelled to many  countries with her father on board a ship that  carries  potatoes, onions and rice. Read about her here  For the story of her trip to Maldives Click here