Canareef  Resort of Addu Atoll | A Maldives Plus

Canareef Resort

Note: maldive (plural maldives) is an island of The  Maldives. Britain and Ceylon are also examples of islands, not maldives”

Three Questions

Have you been to The Maldives? How many times? Have you been to Addu? If your answer is negative to the last question it’s a  big NO to the first question. The second answer doesn’t matter. As a typical tourist you have not seen Maldives if you have not visited Canareef Resort of Addu Atoll.  The 4 star  resort offers everything you associate with the Maldives in the smaller maldives up north of the paradise nation. And still more!

A review of the review

Located in Herethere, a maldive on the right lower chamber outer wall of the heart, or heart-shaped atoll, Canareef Resort offers the “Best value for money in the Maldives” : a review on Tripadvisor. “Amazingly beautiful”, a good place to relax, unexplored beautiful resort, Missed Opportunity, Wonderful relaxing holiday, Paradise on earth” , Sure thing, you can agree with the headings of Tripadvisor reviews. After all its Maldives, those  are usual words  used even for the guest houses all over the nation. And they are true for  every maldive in the country.

A unique moment

You can now fly direct to the southern tip of the Maldives  direct via Colombo on Sri Lankan without having to fly one and a half hours on a turboprop domestic  flight. Either way you will be crossing the equator unless you are flying from Diego Garcia, American Air Force Base, further down south. Once you land at Gan International Airport, the moment itself  as unique as the  location and history associated with the airport and  the Gan. As one of the biggest islands of  the Maldives, Gan has been a British military outpost  during the  Second  World War. The Adduans will  proudly share the stories of them or their parents playing soccer  with the  British.

Beyond the usual

The excitement being in the strategic location  and meeting the friendly people of Addoo wil shorten the 10 minutes transfer.  Canareef is a maldive plus. With the  professional services of its staff, you will be welcomed warmly, you are home.  It’s time for you to explore.


The southern hemisphere  has some unique  things that adds to the value. The atoll of the heart is consisted of the biggest maldives or islands of the Maldives. The resort provides maldive adventure, you can wander around and get lost in rich vegetation, there are no tigers, nothing to be afraid of. A black cat may cross your path, but do  not worry about the local superstitious stories. It’s only a cat chasing rat; you can choose to chase the cat if you want to burn some fat.

Do not limit yourself to the turquoise water, and the activities offered by the resort like scuba diving , snorkeling, cycling ,dolphin watching or  a relaxing massage at the Spa. No doubt, all these will together with the friendly  service of the staff will make  the highlights of your holiday.

The  opportunity

Do not miss the  opportunity which will never  happen anywhere else in the Maldives. Just  next to the Canareef Resort on the northeast is Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo where you can meet the locals and enjoy some local food. Or go back to back to Gan and get hold of some bikes take a ride  through the some  of the biggest  populations centers of the Maldives. After some 17 km you reach Hithadhoo  the second most populated, of the Maldives and the heart  of Addu City. Should you want to do some shopping you will not miss anything on the main road of the long island. Its easy to find Falak Stores if you want purchase some sports wear.

Yes A Maldives Plus

When you reach the northern end of Hithadhoo you  will have covered half a ‘marathon’ . There are  plenty of things to explore before going back to complete your marathon and back to  the spa at Canareef Resort. You may wake  up to a  cock-a-doodle-doo at 5:30 in the morning in your  villa. Breakfast is available from six thirty onwards. Perhaps you have  few more things to  do before  your departure.

Now,  you certainly can answer the first question a YES.  You have been and seen Maldives and with a visit to Canreef Resort, its  Maldives Plus