Can we develop Food Tourism in Maldives

Food Tourism in Maldives

Rice and Garudhiya maybe the healthiest Maldivian dish. Roshi and Mas Huni maybe universally loved. But can we attract those tourists who loves good food, or those tourists whose sole purpose is to enjoy  different types of food. There are  those who want experiment new types of types and explore local dishes from around the world? In a world where Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican food offers mouth watering dishes, can we attract the food lovers? How about Food Tourism in the Maldives?


Food and shelter are the basic needs of human survival. For a successful tourism we need the best of these two. Naturally Maldives maybe the last place for people who are looking for good food, for the simple reason that the only thing that we have is fish. The fact that food can  be transported from one place to another makes us the luckiest people in the world. We are able offer world class food in famous restaurants such as Le 1947 in Cheval Blanc, or  Lighthouse in Baros Maldives. Most  of the resorts fulfill the luxurious needs of tastes of visitors at an unbelievably high standard

Delightful moments of dining lasts a lifetime, and many tourists come back to experience it again. But that was not the reason Italians came to Maldives. They came just for the Sun, Sky, Sea, and Sand. Nothing else; however to sustain and keep the  tourism going we need the fifth  S which is the Smile or Service that represents the people and culture. This is the key to the sustainable tourism in the Maldives.

What is Food Tourism?

Food tourism comes mainly in two categories and are parts of cultural tourism that recently has become distinct. It may have started like “eating out” extended to other towns, cities or to countries. includes  not only eating  but display of the evolution of the preparation process and may even be offered the experience of preparation. There is the other type is more expensive type. These tourists pursue experimenting, studying the preparation, making and serving of various dishes from around the world and they spend more than the other tourists.

Maldivian  nights organized in resorts is the first step to introducing these types of tourism. There are many Maldivian dishes that can certainly be promoted if made properly without losing their authenticity. Food tourism as part of the culture tourism is the fifth pillar of Maldivian Tourism represented by Smile or Service. This is also called the Human Side of life.

eating out

Man needs shelter for survival as much as he needs food. In other words it’s  the habitat. This is what the Maldives is about, the Sunny Side of Life where we have best of sunshine, the Spiritual Side of Life where we have the most clear blue sky with fresh air. Then the Colorful Side of Life, the Sea where there is just another world of colors, it also means luxury which everybody cannot afford to experience. The Sand is for romance, and is called the Romantic Side of Life

There are many tourists who like Maldivian food, although we might not have people   who come for the purpose of enjoying food. This is because we have not introduced a product as such. The time has come for us to venture  into this area thee slogan the Human Side of Life