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About Idyllic Maldives

Welcome/Bienvenue/ Bienvenidos/Willkommen/Benvenuto/歡迎 (fùnyìhng) to the Sunny Side of Life.

Maldives, the land of the blue wherein there is the best of Sunshine delighting you under an azure blue Sky filled with freshest air,  a Sea wherein yo find the real beauty of Maldives.  A romantic white Sandy Beach surrounded by clear water lagoons. The Smile and Service of a friendly. That completes the 5S on the sustainability of  Tourism is ensured. Read about how the writer convincingly presents the Maldives as the No. one Natural Wonder on the face of the Earth.

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Maldives | Male' City the odd one

Five decades ago Male’ was just like another maldive. Once upon a time there was white sandy beach blue lagoon around Male. But today it is surrounded by a concrete seawall that protects it from waves. Inside the island you find concrete jungle.…

Looking for something special? Bandos Maldives

Bandos Maldives the popular Island of  Hospitality is loved by all, both  locals and foreigners, visitors and staff alike. If you have not made up your mind for this festive season and looking for some memorable experience, Bandos Maldives…
Human side of life

Maldives the Human side of life : Culture

Come to Maldives and experience Human side of life; if you are from one of the countries in North Africa, Arabia, Sri lanka or India you will find yourself in a familiar place or a culture influenced by these countries . During their travel,…

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